Domain Services

If you are in the market for a new domain name, contact an Mtwo Consulting representative to help you secure a new domain at market rate. We can help in your search for that perfect domain name and can aid in purchasing of domains already owned by a third-party. Mtwo can purchase, back-order if necessary, and manage your domain.

Our Professional Domain Buy Service provides personal Domain Agents who will provide you with an Appraisal within 5 business days of service purchase. We will also attempt to contact current domain owner, to determine interest in selling their domain.If interested,we will negotiate the sales price of the desired domain and facilitate the sales transaction (assuming a sales agreement is reached). If the name is successfully purchased, a 15% commission or $15.00 fee will be charged (whichever is greater). Contact Mtwo for a quote.

Other Web Services

y Service: A Buyer’sĀ Roadmap

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